Dog shit for the "Flawless" Dog

Dog shit for the "Flawless" Dog

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This one is for your fur baby because, you know they're flawless!  Your puppy dog is precious, perfect and FLAWLESS, a little person in a fur suite.  They read your mind and you always know exactly what thy want, it is incredible!


XS  30-34cm Chest, 19-22cm neck, 19cm length

  S  35-38cm Chest,  23-25cm neck, 24cm length

  M  42-45cm Chest, 32-34cm neck, 31cm length

   L 45-48cm Chest,  34-36cm neck, 36cm length

Polyester/cotton blend

Please keep in mind that the purchase of this product helps save the lives of rescue animals.  25% of the proceeds go to charities that support this cause, providing food and shelter until a forever home is found.  Together we can make a difference.

Thank You for caring!