What is 4cause all about?


4cause is an avenue to give in areas your heart wants to help.  At the same time, it's a store that provides products that you can wear to show your love and support in saving the lives of rescue animals in need.  It provides products for your own precious fur baby/babies that help to keep them safe or their lives a little easier.  We have jewelry, clothing, home products and pet products.  4cause is not an ordinary store; 25% of all the proceeds generated are donated to charities that support animal rescue.  Our current focus is on dogs, cats and horses.  4cause provides you an opportunity to purchase things you like and use and at the same time, make an impact in the lives of animals in need.  4cause gives you an outlet to save what you love.

We are supporting the following charities with the proceeds generated from the products you purchase;

Rescuebank.org  InternationalAnimalRescue.org   FrontRangeEquineRescue.org 


These wonderful organizations supply food for the animals and support shelters with revenue to provide a place to stay until the animals they care for are placed with their forever family.

In this season of giving, what a great way to shop for family and friends.  Each gift carries an extra special meaning because of the support it provides toward saving the lives of rescue animals in need.  4cause should be your go-to place when you want something special for someone special in your life. 

We search for new products daily and work hard to find things that we feel you would love to purchase for yourself or as gifts. Our focus is always to provide products you like, at reasonable rates. We welcome your suggestions and comments.  Please feel free to send an email or leave suggestions in the note section of your shopping cart page.  Happy shopping from our family to yours!

Thank You for caring!